Tuesday 12 September

The SFA Group: Longstanding Commitment to Clean Water

Longstanding Commitment to Clean Water

The SFA Group has actively pursued the goal of improving global access to clean water since 2011. Since 2021, it has been supporting the Planet Water Foundation and implementing concrete measures to achieve this objective. The latest project, implemented in 2023, once again demonstrates its strong commitment and unwavering dedication.

In collaboration with the Planet Water Foundation, the SFA Group installed the AquaFill drinking water filtration system in the Dan Ha Primary School in Hanoi, Vietnam. This system, gravity-based and utilizing state-of-the-art water purification technology, ensures the removal of pathogens from the water. Florian GARNIER, the Managing Director of SFA Vietnam, personally attended the installation, underscoring the personal involvement and commitment of the SFA Group to this vital cause.

The project also included the implementation of a hygiene education program for the schoolchildren. This is a crucial step in promoting awareness of healthy hygiene practices and ensuring long-term positive impacts on the community.

At the SFA Group, we take pride in making a sustainable contribution to improving the lives of those most in need of clean water. Our commitment to a more sustainable and healthier world remains unswerving.

Aquafill System 2023


Together for Clean Water

World Water Day is not just an occasion to highlight existing challenges; it is also a call to action. We encourage you to join our efforts and contribute to addressing the global issue of access to clean water. Together, we can make a positive difference and ensure that clean water becomes a reality for all people on our planet.