CSR Commitment

Our responsibility

Our Group is mobilised around our purpose
“To design and manufacture domestic and professional solutions wherever water flows and drains”.
Driven by this inventive spirit, we design original solutions 
that are low in water and energy consumption, 
easy to install and long-lasting; proof that
our group has integrated CSR into the heart
of its model well before its time.


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Preserve water and other natural resources

Preserve water and other natural resources and reduce  our carbon footprint via efficient, durable products and solutions.

CSR - Environment
  • Challenges for the Group:

    Ensure adherence to the Company’s purpose, which is dedicated to water treatment, recycling and consumption. Incorporate this purpose into the operations and procedures of the Group’s entities.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Strengthening our positioning as a leading sustainable brand by providing solutions designed to be eco-friendly, starting from the choice and purchase of their constituent materials.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Reduce our carbon footprint.


Ensure respect and dignity for all persons

Ensure respect and dignity for all persons in contact with our brands: employees, stakeholders and users, in the conduct of our business and in the use of our products.


CSR - Social
  • Challenges for the Group:

    Facilitate integration, propose and monitor career plans and offer new opportunities to all employees without discrimination.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Ensure that the working environment is free of any kind of dominating or intimidating behaviour.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Making zero accidents a top priority above all other considerations.
    Creating the conditions for well-being at work, a factor of productivity.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Reassure, protect (act with vigilance to limit the risk of accidents) and provide immediate care under safe conditions.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Growing together while respecting all stakeholders.
    Enriching ourselves through diversity, cultures, knowledge and

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Contribute to making water the major societal issue in the public health sector and strengthen our leadership in this market through our role as facilitator.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Make sure never to directly or indirectly finance any countries involved in conflict zones that undermine human rights and children’s rights.


Impactful business

Maintain a keen and inventive spirit

Maintain a keen and inventive spirit and choose reliable and virtuous partners in order to design affordable, market-disrupting solutions.

CSR - Impactfull business
  • Challenges for the Group:

    Defend the Group’s requirement of integrity.
    Protect employees faced with complex situations.
    Offer the same rights to stakeholders.

  • Challenges for the Group:

    Protect the Group’s technological capital and industrial facilities, relationships with stakeholders and the confidentiality of the commercial and industrial activities of customers and partners.

Our inventiveness enhances the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our strategy helps create the conditions for a more harmonious life.